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Cooperative Education

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What is Cooperative Education?
  • Cooperative Education is a program that allows students to earn high school credits while completing a work placement in the community.
  • The Cooperative Education course consists of a classroom component and a placement component. The classroom component includes 15 to 20 hours of pre-placement instruction which prepares students for the workplace. Issues such as worker responsibility, health and safety, and confidentiality are addressed. As well, regular reflective sessions are held which provide opportunities for students to reflect on and reinforce their learning at the workplace.
  • All students in the Cooperative Education program are monitored by a Cooperative Education teacher.
  • Each student will be involved in co-creating a Student Cooperative Education Learning Plan (SCELP); this document allows the teacher and student to assess student progress relative to chosen curricular expectations, learning goals and success criteria.

Program Benefits to Students

Cooperative Education gives the student the opportunity to:

  • make connections between school and work and to "try out" an occupation of interest before finalizing plans for post-secondary education, training, or employment
  • see the relevance of their classroom learning in a work setting
  • develop essential skills and work habits required in the workplace and acquire a direct understanding of employer and workplace expectations and;
  • gain valuable work experience to help build their resume for future employment and post-secondary programs.

Cooperative Education credits may be used to meet up to two (2) of the 18 compulsory credits for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). There is no limit on the number of optional credits that may be earned through Cooperative Education courses.

Eligibility & Application

To be eligible for Cooperative Education programs, students must:

  • have completed 15 credits including Career Studies

  • have a good attendance record and;

  • demonstrate attitudes and behaviours that would allow success in the world of work

To apply for Cooperative Education programs, students must:

  • indicate intention by selecting DCO 3O9 (2 credit) or CWE 409 (4 credit) during the online application process in February and;

  • upon selecting cooperative education, complete the Co-op Application Form and return it to the guidance or co-op office immediately

To be selected for the program, students will:

  • attend a scheduled interview with a member of the cooperative education department for pre-course counselling

  • submit a resume

  • provide names of 2 current teachers from whom character references will be obtained

  • with the assistance of the cooperative education teacher, identify their placement preferences and;

  • attend an interview with a prospective placement employer/supervisor.

Students are required to pay the costs of work related supplies and to provide transportation to and from the placement.

Specialized Programs - OYAP


The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is an opportunity available in Ontario Secondary Schools for all students participating in Cooperative Education. Any student completing a cooperative education placement in a skilled trade is considered an OYAP student. OYAP allows students to get a jump-start on their future in the skilled trades while earning high school credits. OYAP students may have the choice of registering as an apprentice while at their placement if the supervisor is willing. By doing so, students will begin to accumulate hours and document basic trade-related competencies towards a trade certification. To register as an apprentice while completing co-op credits, students must be at least 16 years of age and have 16 credits. Students must also demonstrate the work ethic required to be successful in the trades, including good academic standing and excellent attendance. Students with special needs are welcome to participate in OYAP if they have interest.

Regional OYAP

This innovative joint venture between the Durham District School Board, Durham College, Sir Sanford Fleming College, and the Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development allows students to begin an apprenticeship AND complete part of the courses needed for apprenticeship training while still attending high school. Specific trades include Automotive Service Technician, Cook, Electrician, General Carpenter, Hairstylist, Industrial Mechanic Millwright, Plumber and Welder. Upon completion of the course, students will have earned four high school credits, level 1 apprenticeship training and hundreds of hours logged towards their apprenticeship. Students may also find themselves being hired as an apprentice by the same employer if they are in a position to do so!

Program Details:

  • Students complete the Regional OYAP program in the second semester of their final year of high school.

  • OYAP is a 4-credit exit program; students must be in a position to graduate upon successful completion.

  • Students attend a Cooperative Education placement in their field of interest 2 or 3 days a week depending on the trade. The employer must be willing and able to sponsor the student as an apprentice for the duration of the semester!

  • Students participate in Level 1 apprenticeship training for the remainder of the week at a MLTSD approved training facility (Durham College Whitby Campus, Fleming College McRae Campus or the Durham District School Board). This training is classified as a dual credit; students receive both high school credits AND college-awarded credits for participating.


  • Students apply in their grade 11 year during the course selection process and must partake in the regular co-op selection process.

  • If deemed a potential candidate by co-op staff, student services staff and administration, students will submit an application for the Regional OYAP Program to the Durham District School Board.

  • Students interview competitively at the board level for a seat in the program. Students will be interviewed by college and Local Industry Committee representatives.

  • If successful, a student will need to be placed with an employer who is willing and able to sponsor them as an apprentice for the semester. Without this commitment from an employer, students CANNOT participate in the program. Co-op teachers will facilitate this, but there is no guarantee.


  • Students must be in a position to graduate: have 26 credits by the end of first semester in their last year, earned all compulsory credits and have accumulated 40 hours of community involvement.

  • Students should have some technological subject experience in the field of interest.

  • Students must have an average of 65% or higher in College or University level English, Mathematics and related Technology courses.
  • Students must demonstrate exemplary attendance, attitudes and work ethic that will ensure success in the OYAP program.

  • Students must have a Social Insurance Number.
  • A previous co-op experience in the trade or related field is strongly recommended.

  • Students must have a means of transportation to get to the co-op placement and adult training facility.

 Specialized Programs - SHSM (Specialist High Skills Majors)

See our Guidance SHSM Page

Contact Co-op Staff

​Please feel free to contact the cooperative education team with program inquiries:

Co-op Phone: 905-985-7337 ext. 3
Fax: 905-985-8323


Tim Brown:
Kathy Schilling:
Tara Sneath:


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Inclusive Student Services/Academic Resource

Academic Resource Staff

Ms. Longley              Department Head         Grades 9,10 and Gifted
Ms. Delaney             SERT                                Grades 11, 12
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Office Hours – Getting Help
In Person

Academic Resource appointments can be made through the PPHS website.  An AR Help Link will direct students logged into their DDSB account to a Google Form and appointments will be made in consultation with the student and or teacher. Our office hours are from 8:30 - 11:30 am and students are only able to come on their cohorted days. We understand that many students are most comfortable accessing our support in person and will do our best to accommodate AR visits, while ensuring safety of students and staff.  In the event that a student requires immediate support, teachers have been provided a purple pass. 


The Academic Resource Virtual Learning Hub is available for online support from 8:30 to 3:30.  In this Google Classroom found on the PPHS website, students can access immediate synchronous support from familiar AR staff whether in class or at home. The Academic Resource Google Classroom code is yf7icxh. 

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